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High-end authentic 60S long-staple cotton satin printed four-piece set of cotton soft, skin-friendly, light luxury bedding

High-end authentic 60S long-staple cotton satin printed four-piece set of cotton soft, skin-friendly, light luxury bedding

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Washing Instructions


1. Do not use bleach-containing laundry detergent for washing

It is recommended that clean water be used for the first wash, without any detergent. If you really want to use laundry detergent, you must first dissolve the laundry detergent in a basin with cold water and then pour it into the washing
machine. Do not pour detergent directly onto the bedding. Many laundry detergents are Containing detergents can easily cause color smearing. Our store is not responsible for failure to follow the instructions.

2. It cannot be returned after cleaning.

Please check the quality, size, color, style, etc. after receiving the goods. If you are satisfied, then wash it. Once washed, it will not be returned. The size is reserved for shrinkage.
Shrinkage of 2-5 cm will not affect the use, as long as the quilt is cored. Can be used if applicable.

3. For embroidered bedding, the embroidered part may have more or less backing paper after washing.

You can soak it and rinse it with clean water or tear it off with your hands. If this
problem is unacceptable, it is recommended not to buy embroidered bedding. For craft bedding such as lace, beads, hot rhinestones, etc., it is recommended that quilt covers and pillowcases be washed in reverse.

4. After washing and drying, it must be neatly arranged and dried, otherwise it will wrinkle.

All cotton products will have certain wrinkles after washing. This is due to the elasticity of cotton, or the effect will be better if ironed after washing. If you cannot accept some wrinkles and are unwilling to iron, it is recommended to buy a bed made of other materials. Taste.

 5. For solid-color bedding, it is recommended to use white or a plain quilt core of the same color.

The satin bedding will not be very thick, and there may be light transmission when it is put on. If you like thick bedding, it is recommended not to buy satin type products. You can buy sanded, brushed, and velvet products. The light and thin characteristics of satin need to be done well. Mental preparation.

6. Minor flaws in some product details

For cotton embroidery products, if there are a few threads in the embroidery parts, it is normal. Do not pull it, just use scissors to remove it.
Bedding products will go through more than 10 procedures before being sold. It
is inevitable that there will still be small flaws such as individual threads, which can be handled by hand. Such phenomena are not quality problems, so please be careful when photographing.

7. Regarding the wrinkles and shrinkage of the embroidery parts after washing
In the 100% cotton embroidery process, because after washing, slight wrinkles and shrinkage will appear at the junction between the embroidery and the fabric. The shrinkage wrinkles will slowly return to flatness during use or be restored by
ironing after washing and drying. This process is an embroidery bed. It is recommended not to choose embroidered bedding if you are concerned about the normal quality of the product.


1- Silk fabric is delicate, so please be sure to refer to the wheat washing mark when washing. Wrong washing methods will cause irreversible damage to silk fabrics!

2- Wash dark-colored clothes separately from light-colored clothes.

3- Please use silk detergent. Do not use harsh detergents such as washing powder, laundry detergent, soap, etc., and do not soak clothes with contrasting fabric designs!

4- Clothes with contrasting silk edges or contrasting fabric designs must not be soaked for a long time. Soak in silk detergent for 3-5 minutes to remove the floating color, then rinse with clean water.

5- Wash in cold water, gentle hand wash, remember not to wring it out too hard, dry it with water after washing, do not expose it to the sun!

6- After drying, it can be ironed with a steam iron to make it look new again;

Bedding Size Chart

Dear, please read the specifications clearly when purchasing.

Choosing a four-piece set should depend on the size of the quilt core and how big the quilt core is.

Just buy the four-piece set corresponding to the size of the quilt cover.

Rigardu plenajn detalojn

Brand: abby's

Item number: Original quality exported to UK

Fabric count: 60 sticks

Printing and dyeing process: digital printing

Weaving process: print, satin

Weight: 2500g (inclusive)-3000g (exclusive)

Shape: bed sheet

Dimensions: Standard size four-piece set - for 1.5m or 1.8m bed (quilt cover 200*230cm, sheet 245*250cm, one pair of pillowcases)

                        Plus size four-piece set - for 1.8m or 2.0m bed (quilt cover 220*240cm, sheet 245*270cm, one pair of pillowcases) (cm)

Material: Long staple cotton

Style: American style, light luxury, retro, neutral gentleman style

Applicable bed size: 1.5m bed, 1.8m bed, 2.0m bed

Why Choose: Lady's four-piece retro-style bed set, high quality



MAMO advanced retro independent textureHigh-end vintage 60S Egyptian long-staple cotton satin print four-piece set . 100% long-staple cotton (yarn) + satin (weaving) + printing (post-processing). The chic and uninhibited design comes from the infinite pursuit of a better life.  Exported to British order quality, unique design, fine workmanship, smooth touch, and warm color, it is a rare high-quality bedding product!


T320 60S long-staple cotton (100% cotton)

Printing and dyeing

Digital printing (safe and healthy, full color)


Quilt cover丨AB version design, European style stitching, and internal straps

Bed sheets丨right angle design, solid color

Pillowcase丨AB version design, European style stitching


Combination kit:
1.5-1.8 bed sheet model: quilt cover 2.0*2.3m, bed sheet 2.45*2.5m, pillowcase 48*74cm. A pair of
2.0 extra large bed sheet model: quilt cover 2.2*2.4m, bed sheet 2.4*2.7m, pillowcase 48*74cm. right

Style positioning

Light retro, American style, modern simplicity, high-end atmosphere, petty bourgeoisie, Nordic bedding


Complete packaging



"Precious long-staple cotton, sleep with a sense of sophistication"
XJ long-staple cotton is selected, with a cotton fiber content of up to 96.4%. It has more than 3,000 hours of sunshine throughout the year. The length of the cotton fiber is 36-40mm. It has been combed and processed to have good flatness. The fabric is smooth and comfortable, allowing the skin to breathe freely, bringing freshness and comfort. 




Give fabric texture.

"High count and high density give the fabric texture"

High count and high density give the fabric skin affinity and soft feel.

Upgraded 60X60 yarn has a density of 200X100.

The larger the count, the greater the number of threads, which results in a very tight internal structure of the yarn and less fiber breakage. It is not only comfortable and comfortable to wear, but also less likely to deform, and the chance of pilling is greatly reduced.



Break the traditional.

"Digital printing breaks traditional printing and dyeing"

Digital printing has a wide color gamut, with more than 10 million bright and rich colors, while traditional printing only has 10 types. High precision, clear and delicate images. Currently, the resolution of digital printing is as high as 1440dpi, while the resolution of traditional printing technology is only 255dpi.



Break the traditional.

"Relax and learn to live a simple life"

Simplicity does not mean that there are no higher pursuits and dreams in life. We try to find the most important part among the complexity. If bedding becomes pure, if printing is no longer cumbersome, what you want is a meter of sunshine, a cup of coffee, a mood, and a life. 


Create boutique.

"Craftsman spirit to create quality products"

He constantly carves out his own products, constantly improves his own craftsmanship, enjoys the process of product sublimation in his hands, and has a persistent persistence and pursuit of products.

The wiring pins of the kit are fine and precise and durable. Both the quilt cover and pillowcases have button designs, and the shells are elegant in texture and gorgeous in color.






● Please wash dark-colored fabrics separately from other fabrics to avoid dyeing problems;

● Do not wash the fabric together with heavy, rough clothing or hair accessories to

avoid friction and scratches;

● It is recommended to tie the zippers, buttonholes, binding ropes, etc. of pillowcases and quilt covers well when washing to avoid deformation caused by the fabric being rolled and wrinkled in the washing machine;

● Do not use detergents or bleaches with strong disinfection or chlorine bleaching functions to avoid causing serious mottled or discolored fabrics;

● Hand wash at 30℃ low temperature or machine wash on gentle cycle, regular dry cleaning available;

● Try to hang to dry in a ventilated and cool place, avoid direct sunlight or exposure to prevent fabric fading and aging.

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