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High-end silk scarf gift silk scarf heavy 18 momme large shawl gift box / Dream never falls in the rainforest

High-end silk scarf gift silk scarf heavy 18 momme large shawl gift box / Dream never falls in the rainforest

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Washing Instructions


1. Do not use bleach-containing laundry detergent for washing

It is recommended that clean water be used for the first wash, without any detergent. If you really want to use laundry detergent, you must first dissolve the laundry detergent in a basin with cold water and then pour it into the washing
machine. Do not pour detergent directly onto the bedding. Many laundry detergents are Containing detergents can easily cause color smearing. Our store is not responsible for failure to follow the instructions.

2. It cannot be returned after cleaning.

Please check the quality, size, color, style, etc. after receiving the goods. If you are satisfied, then wash it. Once washed, it will not be returned. The size is reserved for shrinkage.
Shrinkage of 2-5 cm will not affect the use, as long as the quilt is cored. Can be used if applicable.

3. For embroidered bedding, the embroidered part may have more or less backing paper after washing.

You can soak it and rinse it with clean water or tear it off with your hands. If this
problem is unacceptable, it is recommended not to buy embroidered bedding. For craft bedding such as lace, beads, hot rhinestones, etc., it is recommended that quilt covers and pillowcases be washed in reverse.

4. After washing and drying, it must be neatly arranged and dried, otherwise it will wrinkle.

All cotton products will have certain wrinkles after washing. This is due to the elasticity of cotton, or the effect will be better if ironed after washing. If you cannot accept some wrinkles and are unwilling to iron, it is recommended to buy a bed made of other materials. Taste.

 5. For solid-color bedding, it is recommended to use white or a plain quilt core of the same color.

The satin bedding will not be very thick, and there may be light transmission when it is put on. If you like thick bedding, it is recommended not to buy satin type products. You can buy sanded, brushed, and velvet products. The light and thin characteristics of satin need to be done well. Mental preparation.

6. Minor flaws in some product details

For cotton embroidery products, if there are a few threads in the embroidery parts, it is normal. Do not pull it, just use scissors to remove it.
Bedding products will go through more than 10 procedures before being sold. It
is inevitable that there will still be small flaws such as individual threads, which can be handled by hand. Such phenomena are not quality problems, so please be careful when photographing.

7. Regarding the wrinkles and shrinkage of the embroidery parts after washing
In the 100% cotton embroidery process, because after washing, slight wrinkles and shrinkage will appear at the junction between the embroidery and the fabric. The shrinkage wrinkles will slowly return to flatness during use or be restored by
ironing after washing and drying. This process is an embroidery bed. It is recommended not to choose embroidered bedding if you are concerned about the normal quality of the product.


1- Silk fabric is delicate, so please be sure to refer to the wheat washing mark when washing. Wrong washing methods will cause irreversible damage to silk fabrics!

2- Wash dark-colored clothes separately from light-colored clothes.

3- Please use silk detergent. Do not use harsh detergents such as washing powder, laundry detergent, soap, etc., and do not soak clothes with contrasting fabric designs!

4- Clothes with contrasting silk edges or contrasting fabric designs must not be soaked for a long time. Soak in silk detergent for 3-5 minutes to remove the floating color, then rinse with clean water.

5- Wash in cold water, gentle hand wash, remember not to wring it out too hard, dry it with water after washing, do not expose it to the sun!

6- After drying, it can be ironed with a steam iron to make it look new again;

Bedding Size Chart

Dear, please read the specifications clearly when purchasing.

Choosing a four-piece set should depend on the size of the quilt core and how big the quilt core is.

Just buy the four-piece set corresponding to the size of the quilt cover.

Rigardu plenajn detalojn
  • Scarf brand: Gem Butterfly
  • Function: Decoration
  • Grade: First grade
  • Product name: Dream never fall rainforest
  • Safety class: GB18401-2010 Class B
  • Color fastness: National standard GB18401
  • Fiber Content: 100% Pure silk
  • Fabric Specifications: 18mm twill silk
  • Formaldehyde content: Less than 20mg/kg
  • Product size: 106×106cm (1-3cm measurement error)
  • Printing art: Taiwan plate hand printing
  • Crimping: Dense Needle Rewind
  • Applicable season: Spring, autumn, summer and winter.
  • Gem Butterfly's original printing, simplifying the complexity, unique and distinctive design style, while coexisting texture and beauty, it also finds the right balance in decoration and matching. The designer extends design inspiration from concepts such as oil painting, art history, and printing trends, so that each silk scarf has its own story.
  • Original design: Dreams never fall into the rainforest.
  • In the grass of the South American rainforest, a leopard walks gracefully in its own territory. It traverses the rainforest. It is a powerful hunter in the South American jungle. It is the best among cats. The rich patterns reflect the vegetation in the tropical rainforest. The scene of the leopard living in the jungle eloquently.
  • Silk fabric is delicate, dry cleaning is recommended If washing with water, please strictly follow the washing instructions:
Water temperature<30℃
Do not bleach
Dry in the shade
Low temperature ironing
Mild dry cleaning
Do not expose to the sun
Hand wash carefully
Do not wring dry
  • Everything revives in spring. The silk that silkworms spit out in spring is tougher, shiny, smooth and delicate.
  • Momme: Is the measurement unit of silk fabrics, which means the weight per square meter. The higher the momme value, the denser the texture of the silk scarf and the better the drape. This style uses 18 momme silk.
  • 18 momme silk: [1 momme=4.3056 grams/square meter, 18 momme≈77.5 grams/square meter]
  • The surface of mulberry silk is smooth and smooth. Delicate and soft touch, silky smooth.
  • Natural drape: The fabric has obvious oblique lines, neither light nor heavy, and it is difficult for other materials to have this drape.
  • Gives a natural glow: Silk exudes natural luster, elegant and soft. Gem Butterfly uses twill silk with a high momme number, which has obvious coloring effect and makes the luster of silk more natural and soft.
  • Dense needle manual curling: Dense needle curling requires no less than 5 stitches per 2cm. A 106cm square scarf needs to be sewn with more than 1060 stitches. Hand-stitched stitches are a symbol of dignity and respect for craftsmen.
  • Hand-printed by artisans: Use hand-printed silk scarves to reproduce the original creation, and more than ten sets of colors are superimposed and printed layer by layer. Fine lines and seamless docking.

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